Dear Members,

We are delighted to share that the Club will resume its operation on this Friday, 19 June 2020, as the multi-ministry task force announced on 15 June 2020 that Singapore will move to phase 2 of its reopening. As part of the transition while we all embark on the new normal when the Club reopens, following are important details that we would need members to take note and extend your support:

All personals are required to wear a mask when they are in the Club. Before entering the Club, it is compulsory for everyone to check-in via SafeEntry using their own mobile device to scan our Club’s QR code which is available at all entry points. Please show our staff stationed at entry point once check-in process is completed and the staff will help to take your temperature. Personals with a temperature above 37.5 degrees or exhibit any sign of unwell will be requested to return home and rest. Signing in of guests will not be allowed for facilities usage except for dining at F&B outlets during this period.

Our three F&B outlets will resume for dine-in but with safe distancing and each table will be limited to a group of five people. With the reduced seating capacity, takeaway and Drive-Thru services will still continue for members’ needs. 3 Bars will continue to operate only as a dining venue and the karaoke rooms remain closed till further advisory from the authorities. We
would appreciate members’ kind gesture to vacate their seats upon finishing their meals so that the waiting time for other members can be reduced.

Facility Usage
All Club facilities will be opened for members’ usage except for Billiards & Snooker Lounge, Games & Recreation Room, Joyluck Cove, Collaboration Room, Reading and TV Room, Jacuzzi and Steam Rooms, Kids’ Cove and the Arcade Corner.

For social swimming, the Swimming Pool at Recreational Complex and Competition Pool at Sports Complex will be opened for members only (no guests) and with restricted numbers. As part of the safety measures, the Water Polo Pool, Beginners’ Pool and Great Bubble Reef (Fun Pool) at Sports Complex will remain closed till further advice.

The following measures will be in place for the respective facilities:

  • For social get together, group size shall not exceed 5 people.

  • For Flex gym, maximum occupancy shall not exceed 29 people at any one time.

  • For 12 Lanes Bowling Alley, booking will be opened for every alternate two lanes.

  • Users shall put on mask and maintain 1 metre distancing from one another while resting.

  • Refrain from any physical contact such as shaking hands, hi-fives, fist bump, etc.

  • All Sports Complex Rooftop users must exit from the rooftop when it rains.

  • Users shall leave the facilities immediately when they finish their activities.

  • For your own safety, users are advised to go home and change if possible and avoid loitering in our changing rooms unnecessarily.

For tenants such as Fu Lin Men Cantonese Restaurant and The FIL Spa, their operation will resume on Friday, 19 June 2020 and Cocoon Learning Centre will resume on Monday, 22 June 2020. For details on their operating hours, please contact them directly

Club Activities & Training Programme
The Club has been working closely with SportSG and the relevant National Sports Associations to ensure our training programmes are conducted in compliance with the new guidelines of precautionary measures. This will also apply to the planning of Club activities and programmes for our members as the well-being of participants is our top priority. More details will be released once we receive the confirmation.

For our Club to remain open, we seek members’ compliance and co-operation with our Club’s officials to ensure we do not flout the principles of safe management. We are looking forward to welcoming all members back to the Club!

Thank you.

The Management
Updated 22 June 2020