Dear Members,

I pray that you and your family members are keeping well, staying home and healthy during the Circuit Breaker (CB) period. The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the global economy and Clubs like ours have not been spared.

On 19 May 2020, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced that Singapore will embark on a three-phased approach to resume activities safely. However, as the Club does not fall under critical sectors and businesses that can re-open in phase 1, we have to extend our closure from 2 June 2020 till further advice from the authorities. However, we remain cautiously optimistic that phase 2 could happen before the end of June.

Throughout the CB period, our housekeeping and maintenance teams have been conducting daily cleaning and maintenance works to ensure the Club facilities remain in tip-top condition. The Administration staff who are working from home have also been providing support services and engaging members. Meanwhile our coaches and trainers have been conducting regular e-training sessions and lifestyle programmes for members through Zoom Meeting or pre-recorded instruction videos on the Club website or social media platform.

As the expected opening of the Club draws near, the Club management has been preparing and planning for the resumption of operation. The operations team is planning and reviewing all precautionary measures such as safe entry logistics and processes, surveillance measures for the facilities and offices to be ready for the return of members and staff. Sanitizing and cleaning efforts have been stepped up to assure members that the Club will be safe for them and their families when they visit.

For Sports, the team has been liaising closely with Singapore Swimming Association and SportSG to ensure the Club adopts the new guidelines in conducting training or organising sports activities as we transit to a new normal. Our Events team has also been busy preparing programmes to welcome members back once the Club re-opens. Other than the resumption of allowable ongoing programmes, God willing, members can look forward to the annual CSC Open House, festive celebrations and various sports competitions. All these will be organised with strict safe management guidelines for the well-being of all participants.

As safe distancing requirement will remain in the foreseeable future, seating capacity at Man Zhu Café and Mingle will be significantly reduced going forward. Besides the 'Drive-Thru' service launched in May 2020, the F&B team is currently reviewing other alternatives such as island wide home delivery service, to better cater to members’ needs.

For two months of the CB in April and May, the Club had waived both the subscription fees and the F&B levy as a gesture to ease the financial burden of our members. As the situation is highly fluid and uncertain, the Management Committee will be prudent towards disbursement and focus on the long-term sustainability of the Club. Notwithstanding, as it is still not certain when the Club will be able to resume members activities, the Management Committee has therefore recommended that the Club will continue to extend the following for June until further notice:

  • Waiving June Sports and Flex Section fees.
  • Waiving June fees for Junior sports training programmes and Lifestyle activities, except for Swimming for competitive squads A, B and C1 which will receive 50% fees waiver.
  • June F&B levy, including levy expiring in June will be extended to December 2020.

I don’t want to sound like an old nag, but I must again appeal to all members to continue to be socially responsible… stay home unless absolutely necessary, wear a mask if you need to leave home, maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly and stay safe, and keep healthy.

Once again, I ask Almighty God and our Blessed Mother to continue to shower Their Grace, Mercy & Love to you and all your loved ones.

Shalom and God Bless.

Edwin Lee
Chinese Swimming Club
15 June 2020


Dear Members,

Since the re-opening of the Club and its accompany facilities on 19 June 2020, the Club has received numerous feedback from members on the arrangement of social swimming at Recreation Complex (RC) Pool. In view of this, we have reviewed and assessed the feasibility of social swimming at the RC so as to cater to the swimming needs of more members. With effect from Saturday, 27 June 2020, we are pleased to revise the social swimming time slots at RC as follows:-

Recreation Complex (RC) Pool

Time Allocated to
6am to 9am & 4pm to 9pm Lap swim for General Members
9.30am to 3.30pm Lap swim for Seniors Members only (60 years and above)
9am to 9.30am & 3.30pm to 4pm Pool closed
This is to prevent inter-mixing between groups and to facilitate the cleaning and sanitizing of the railings and surfaces around the pool and in the changing room.

In addition, we would also like to remind you on the following SDM and SMM that we have put in place:-

  • The Sports Complex Swimming Pool is reserved only for Swimmers below 60 years old.

  • The Sports Complex Swimming Pool will be reserved Mon to Fri from 5.30am to 9am and 4pm to 7.30pm & Sat from 7.30am to 10.30am for Club registered Swimmers.

  • The maximum number of people allowed for the Recreation Complex Pool is 40 pax including swimmers in the pool and the non-swimmers around the pool area.

  • The maximum number of people allowed for the Sports Complex Pool is 50 pax including swimmers in the pool and the non-swimmers around the pool area.

  • Pool entry points at Recreation Complex will be at RC Building side for even numbered lanes and at The Vertis Condo side for odd numbered lanes.

  • Pool entry point at Sports Complex will be in front of the towel counter. Swimming lanes are to be entered at Swimming Control Room side for even numbered lanes and at Arrival Pavilion side for odd numbered lanes.

  • Odd numbered lanes shall turn clockwise while even numbered lanes shall turn anti-clockwise.

  • Swimmers are to maintain a 2 metre distance from one another at all times.

  • Maximum of 5 swimmers per lane.

  • No overtaking allowed.

  • Swimmers doing sprints are to use lane 4 or 5.

  • Due to restricted use of the changing rooms, social swimmers are encouraged to wear their swimsuits before coming to Club and use the shower point to shower.

For your convenience, we will provide the live updates of the number of swimmers in the pool via the link here:

We seek your kind understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone at the Club.

Thank you.

The Management
Updated 25 June 2020


Q1: Why am I charged for June subscription fees when the Club is closed?

Ans: The Club had waived 2 months of subscription fees for April and May 2020. Chinese Swimming Club (CSC) is believed to be one of the very few clubs in Singapore that has waived subscription fees in an effort to assist our members during the Circuit Breaker period.

As announced by the Club’s Management, the Club needs to be prudent as the reserves are not limitless. There are fixed costs incurred in maintaining the Club.

Q2: Will there be any refund or rebates for June subscription fees?

Ans: There will be no refund or rebates for June subscription fees.

Q3: Other clubs are giving F&B vouchers; will CSC be giving too?

Ans: Other clubs continued to bill subscription fees and give out free vouchers. While CSC had waived 2 months of subscription fees hence, there will be no F&B vouchers given to members.

Q4: Will the Club bill F&B levy in June?

Ans: Yes. The Club will resume its billing of F&B levy in June and expiry of F&B levy will be extended till December 2020.

Q5: Is the Club going to bill Section fees and Training fees in June

Ans: The Club Management has agreed to waive Section fees and Training fees in June.

The Management
23 June 2020